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posted by: Magdalena Angelica Lovejoy on 1/17/2019

please pray that the spirit of abduction and hatred leave me named Cody Dinunzio and Angie McCleod and that I will have God's wisdom to write books and that I sell my book called 5 ways of the wise, lift up Bruce Bradshaw. Dr. Magdalena Lovejoy
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Bless Juha S. Please
posted by: Tuija on 1/12/2019

Please pray for Juha S. He has to deal with heavy persecution in his position. He has a lot of heavy responsibilities. Juha is a man of faith and the enemy is trying to ambush him from every front. May Jesus give him strength and wisdom to make the right choices. Pray that Jesus will turn the hearts that are against Juha to those that bless him instead of cursing him. Bless his family and may heavenly protection be upon all of them.
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My friend and his family
posted by: Sam on 1/12/2019

Please pray for a situation between me and a friend who I love very much? We fell out a lot of years ago and even though I didn't mean or want to hurt him I feel I hurt him really deeply and at a time when he wasnt maybe finding life very easy and he relied on me and I really let him down. We really hurt each other deeply and I wish we had sorted it out but we went seperate ways.Please pray as now are in touch again sort of, but I think he is afraid of being hurt or making a mistake. Please pray that if he is supposed to be my husband, if it is Gods will that he would know it to be true and God would show him the way and he would no longer be afraid? Please also pray for his family for real protection and please pray for him, his brother and mum dad and uncle and his brother who is missing to all find faith in God and for God's full protection over their lives? Please pray for my friend for a faith like King David and to make God number one in his life and for his dad to hand over leadership of the family to him because he is a man and because he hopefully trusts him? Please pray for real deliverance for his whole family and deep peace in God's arms? Please pray that he breaks ties with anyone in his life who is not going to bless his future and care about the very best in life for him and anyone selfish or interested in money or a good lifestyle and near him for these reasons. Please pray that God blesses him with a good and peaceful home of his own in the future and that he earns enough money from passive work to leave his evening job where he is tempted to get involved with girls who he should not be interested in.
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praise report! but also confirmations needed
posted by: Richard on 1/10/2019

Finances are beginning to come in for me which is a HUGE answer to prayer! (Praise God and THANK YOU!!!). Also! I do have a prayer request for you: I have currently come to a "crossroads" in my life where I have a few options to choose from and I am asking that you would PLEASE cover me in prayer. I am needing God's Help in choosing which path to go down. I have to make a decision very, very soon. Please, please pray and agree with me that God would close ALL of the doors He wants shut and that He would only keep open the door(s) He wants open... And that He would guide and direct my steps according to HIS PLANS for me. I am also asking that you would pray for MAJOR confirmation, clarity, confidence, peace, and guidance in these decisions for me, please!! May God's Will be done in ALL of this (NOT mine)! Thank you and God bless you!!
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Financial Miracle, Wisdom, and Employment NEEDED!
posted by: Rich on 1/3/2019

Please pray as I am in desperate need of some major financial miracles and have some unfortunate debt that I need to take care of ASAP! I also have been applying for numerous jobs and have been praying for God to close the doors He wants closed, but to open the doors that He wants open. Please pray for wisdom, major provision, and clarity for me as well. Thank you and God bless you!
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Salvation and Deliverance for Paola
posted by: Juan Soler on 12/29/2018

Please pray for the salvation, deliverance and emotional healing of Paola in Miami. Pray also that the Lord brings Spirit filled Christian friends into her life and God enables her to walk away from ungodly company. Thanks!
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Healing For My Son
posted by: Philip on 12/23/2018

Dear Brother/Sister My son will be undergoing a brain embolization on 12 Jan 19 to treat the nerve malformation in his brains. This procedure has risks Please pray for the Neurosurgeon and his team carrying out the procedure so that all will be well with my son. If Lord wills, please pray that he may heal my son so that embolization is not required Bless Christmas God Bless Philip
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Conversion of Chuck Hughes and Shiny Norbert
posted by: Resmi C. Gomez on 12/22/2018

O Holy Trinity Holy God, I pray for the conversion of Chuck Hughes and Shiny Norbert. Amen.
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Conversion of Chuck Hughes and Shiny Norbert
posted by: Resmi C. Gomez on 12/21/2018

O Holy Spirit, I pray for the conversion of Chuck Hughes and Shiny Norbert. Amen.
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Conversion of Chuck Hughes and Shiny Norbert
posted by: Resmi C. Gomez on 12/20/2018

O Heavenly Father, O Lord Jesus Christ, O Holy Spirit, O Holy Trinity One Holy God, I pray to Thee for the intentions of Jason Allen Alexander regarding the conversion of Chuck Hughes and Shiny Norbert. Amen.
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