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Green card
posted by: Alexandru on 2/25/2014

Please pray that my case be close this month and i can get my green card in jesus name amen
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posted by: babu yoga on 2/21/2014

I am going to the Auckland Chamber of commerce on monday to attend a job seekers programme. I am sure that they will help me find a suitable job. I attended the interview today and was accepted into the programme commencing monday for 15 weeks. Please pray for me so that i will have a breakthrough in my career and financially successfully. There was a drought for so many years as i was way away from God. Now, I feel for certain that God is Directing me. But, i am slow to understand. Also, i am going with Hillside church camping saturday and sunday. But i am not staying overnight. It's 1 hour drive from the church. Please pray for me. I pray to you Father in lord Jesus name. Amen. babu
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posted by: Lori on 2/9/2014

Hi, I'm battling a sinus infection or some type of infection. I'm very tired and can barely go and feel sick I need prayer for full healing in the name of Jesus and for this to never return. Satan has been attacking my family health wise recently and I'm sick of it. Please pray in agreement with me. Thank you.
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Prayer for my friends and family members.Thank you GodBless
posted by: Tyla Fama on 2/4/2014

Hello my name is Tyla Fama i would really love prayer for my friends. can you please pray for deliverance for them please...Jesse,Jess,Justin,Daniel B,Ryan,Dan,Alexander,Ginger,Chris,Jackie,Cody,Kristen,Mike C, Xanthia,Josh,Krystal,Jamie,Hector,David JR,Bryant,Billy A,My best friend Lauren and her Boyfriend Thomas, Please also pray for Gods anointing over their lives and that God will send laborers into their lives to minister his word to them. Can you also pray for my Freind kayla and her husband Luis. My Friends carla and her husband David and their marriage. Also my mother Deonna pray for Deliverance from the spirit of witchcraft and deception and my sister Shayna shes very angry and lost. prayers for my My grandparents Deloris and Carl my sister cassie my aunt melissa and my cousin amanda. Also my friends jason B and Kyle R,Kayla F and her fiance Anthony F,. Thank you soo much GodBless :)
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Healing & Strength
posted by: Chris Evans on 1/28/2014

Please pray for my family and I. I presently need healing and spiritual strength. Thank you so very much! God Bless, Christopher Evans chrisevans9270@gmail.com
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miracle blessing from GOD
posted by: Jerome D Pierce on 1/24/2014

To Brother's & Sister's in Christ I need a Miracle prayer request for My family & me 1st GOD will bless my son Dezon with a job ASAP! cause he need it very badly now to support his 4 children & his Girlfriend & him. 2Nd Prayer requests GOD will bless Linda my wife & me Financial Miracle blessing so we can buy our 1st new House pay for straight cash no bankPayments at all. 3Rd Prayer requests GOD to bless my Grandson Desmond to graduate at Forties Medical school & He gets bless with a really great Job while going to school now & after he Finish school as well. 4Th Prayer requests My Daughter Angela gets A Financial blessing & GOD to protect her & kept her in GOD'S Hands.5TH GOD to bless Virginia My Sister for GOD to Protect & Guide Her whatever she want to accomplish in serving the Lord GOD All Mighty in Heaven in her Ministry .6th Protect my Brother Charles Jr. & bless him Financial & Lord Jesus come into my Brother Heart from Head to toe. Thanks Brother Jerome Pierce
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posted by: babu yoga on 1/21/2014

I am getting intimidated by an evil man who claims to be going to church. It is intimidating and disappointing as fellow Christian or someone Who uses this to fake his real identity. This man is real evil as his acts are deception and intimidation. Of all the 100 people in the boarding place, this evil man is picking on me as I am physically small. This or anything else should not jeopardize my stay in this place as It is a 2 minute walk to church. Please pray for me to bind this evil and all evil in lord Jesus name. I pray to you father in lord Jesus name. Amen. babu
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posted by: Dawne on 1/19/2014

Praise the Lord, I am seeking agreement in prayer for favor from God so that Greentree Mortgage company will grant me a mortgage modification so I will not lose my home. Prayer changes things and I am asking for help with prayer. Be blessed.
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posted by: Maj-Len Henriksson on 1/12/2014

I got C.O. Rosenius "Day by Day with God" in Swedish from Mother when I was 20+ and I fell in love with it at once and later translated it into English and partly into French. It became a springboard to many languages. Pray that all money I have paid for translation and printing of it into many languages will be used for that and that the books and its daily sermons will multiply and spread out so that millions of people will become saved in the Blood of Christ and come to heaven. The French versions would need to be reprinted for francophone Africa where Christians become martyrs because Libyan weapons are spreading out all over the region. Pray also for the Spanish and Portuguese versions. Jereamiah 32:27 Sister Maj-Len in Finland
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Ongoing Prayer
posted by: Phil Chavez on 1/11/2014

Please Pray with all your faith that GOD will Bless me (Phil Chavez) with my Soul Mate as soon as it is possible with GOD .I've never had a girlfriend and been Praying and hoping for one for at least 19 years,I'm 41 years old now.... Thank You for Your Prayers
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