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posted by: babu yoga on 12/17/2013

I walk almost 6 km to 2 churches in Auckland, New Zealand 3 or 4 times a week. But the churches are closed when I go in the evening and I stand outside and pray for a few seconds. This is in addition to the 3 churches I have gone so far. I was taken to 1 church by my wife long time ago. Then, I was taken to another church by my friend when I gave my life to lord Jesus at the beginning of this year. Then, I made a choice to go to another church close by. Now I am walking to 2 churches. I have confusion spiritually as to where I must go and develop myself spiritually. I was a Hindu turned Christian. Baptized. I strongly need God’s guidance and direction in this. I need your prayers in lord Jesus name. Amen. babu
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prayer request
posted by: gabriella pratico on 11/23/2013

can you pray for carlo because there is a married woman who is called fortunata nadia that does everthing to bewitch and seduce him God bless you
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Head Injury
posted by: Jonathan Ashbeck on 11/16/2013

Steve True, Milwaukee radio personality and Marquette Golden Eagles basketball broadcaster, suffered a serious head injury Wednesday morning in a car crash as he was hit by a drunk driver and was taken to the hospital. We all ought to pray for him.
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Wisdom and Successfulnes
posted by: Jonathan Ashbeck on 10/5/2013

I have started school after labour day and I am now a junior; I have struggled accepting changes and I also struggle on showing patience with others; I ask that you would pray since that I may God's wisdom and that I may succeed in school.
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Father end the test of my faith
posted by: Jilian on 9/24/2013

Heavenly father hear my cries end the test of my faith. I am unable to bear anymore. You are only hope for me. Nothing is impossible to You. I am waiting for Your answer since 2 ½ years with rolling tears. Father you know the truth, I could not speak a word You speak for me show my cruel adulterous husband & his sister that You are with me, who gives mental torture to me & my daughter. Shut their mouth. Psalm 25:1-2 To you, O Lord, I lift up my soul. O my God, in you I trust, let me not be put to shame let not my enemies triumph over me. Father have mercy on me & my daughter. I am all alone. I have hide my identity. IJN Amen
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Our Country
posted by: Jonathan Ashbeck on 8/29/2013

We need to pray for America because sixty percent of Americans are nonreligious; that is sad and we seriously need to wake up.
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posted by: MP on 8/22/2013

Please pray to God that I will pass my recently concluded licensure exams. Thank You and to God be all the Glory and Honor.
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van der walt
posted by: Chris on 8/4/2013

Sorry my Engels is nie so goed, ek skryf maar in Afrikaans. Ek het vir God ’n christelike vrou gevra. (my eerste vrou is meer as twee jaar oorlede). Ek het 2 kinders (twins 15 years). Ek het by my nuwe werk ’n dame ontmoet wat ’n kind van God is...ek het lief vir haar geraak en vir God gevra vir die vrou. So het ons ’n verhouding begin en dit het goed gegaan, my kinders het ook al so lief vir haar geraak dat hulle haar mamma noem. Ek en sy het ook so lief vir mekaar geraak dat mense wat ons gesien het, gesê het, julle pas mooi bymekaar en is bedoel vir mekaar. In ’n latere stadium het meer mense van ons gehoor wat ons ken, ook die baas....baie van hulle het nie van my en haar verhouding gehou, jaloesie is die hoofrede en dan dink van die mense, ek is nie goed genoeg vir haar. Ek weet God kan my enige vrou gee en vir die kinders enige stief mamma...maar ek het God geken in ons verhouding vandag een af, eintlik voor die verhouding al begin het en sy is ’n kind van God, my kinders het klaar lief geword vir haar en haar aanvaar as hul mamma.....daarom ken ek God nog steeds in die verhouding. God sal ons nie ’n vrou en ’n mamma gee en haar dan wee weg vat. Ek bid reeds baie en vra God dat Hy haar hart wat deur die mense toe gesluit is weer oop te sluit dat haar liefde weer sal uitkom vir ons. Die kids bid ook elke dag vir haar....ons is baie hartseer oor wat die duiwel deur mense doen. Ons bly net sê, God sal ons nie liefde gee en dit dan net weer wegneem, hoekom sal God ons wil bly maak en dan weer ongelukkig maak. Ons wil begin om te sê, dankie dat julle saam bid! Bid asb. dat my vriendin se liefde weer vir ons oop gesluit word en dat dit 7 maal sterker sal wees en dat ons weer saamgevoeg kan word en geseël sal word deur die liefde en genade van God. Baie dankie vir julle gebede!
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Dear father God please embrace your people with the love of great favor deep and enduring salvation all the days of their lives. please God replenish the earth with prayer, praise and worship again. let every thing that have breath praise the Lord. Save us lord from the suffocation of lack of God's prayers in the universe. Please father send a great deluge of prayers back into the atmosphere. Let everything that's good increase and abound toward me. restore, fulfill all with spiritual and physical nourishment and provision Please stop male impotency in the country especially among law officers. please pray for the minds to know, love and respect lives in this country. prayer for all my loves ones and friends to increase in all their endeavors, prayer for health and wellness ABH minstries! please stop male impotency in this country, especially among police officers, force feed them salvation. Restore all physical and spiritual gifts to the RIghteous and called. PRAY THE LOCKS OFF THE NORMALCY THAT BLOCKS MEN MINDS. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, pray the fires of intense romance back into izzy, david, victoria, kristen , carl, robert, sallie and mario lives. GO TO CHURCH AND SCHOOL AND STOP MESSING WITH THAT WITHCRAFT BEFORE THEY SEND OUR CHILDREN TO VIETNAM.
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Urgent Need Of Prayers
posted by: Charles on 7/21/2013

Please pray for me. My name is Charles, I am 36 years old and I am from Montreal, Canada. I have been getting a multitude of health problems such as inflammations in my intestines & in my eyes. I also get inflammations in my liver whenever I eat certain foods or take certain supplements. Please pray for my overall healing so I can be healthy again. I am in desperate need of healing because my medications for the inflammations have lots of side effects. I thank you very kindly. May God Bless you all!
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